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Green Drinks 12th March: Decarbonising Heat

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Our theme for March Green Drinks is Decarbonising Heat. It's a topical issue - the UK Committee on Climate Change published a report this week (20th February): "UK homes unfit for the challenges of climate change".

We will discuss the steps we need to take to reduce dependency on gas for heating our homes, looking at design of new homes as well as what we can do with existing housing stock.

Energy consultant, Mathew Hill, a founder of LEDA, will review the findings of this report. He is a member of the Zero Carbon Yorkshire Buildings Group and has extensive experience of designing and retro-fitting low energy buildings.

Join us on March 12th!!

Click here to go to the Green Drinks section of our website to find out more information about our Green Drinks events, where they are held and when our next one is: Green Drinks Future Dates & Info.

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