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How a linear park linking 3 rivers and 2 canals could change our environment: Tuesday 12th November

Our recovering waterways have tremendous potential to contribute to our future well-being. At this Green Drinks we will hear a progress report on the plan for a Three Valleys Nature Park, based on a vision of connecting our local communities along their waterway corridors.

The proposed Nature Park, developed by a range of local stakeholders, will follow the valleys of the Holme, Colne and Calder within Kirklees, where it will take in the range of heritage assets within these individually distinctive waterway corridors.

Jeff Keenlyside of Greenstreams will lead a discussion showing where landscapes and nature are at risk. The Nature Park Project will realise the missing links in networks for both people and wildlife, enabling a new level of engagement for the diverse communities on the doorstep of these waterways.

Green Drinks is on Tuesday 12th November at Cafe Ollo, Media Centre, HD1 1RL [17.30 - 19.30]

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