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Kirklees Council is working on new arrangements for our waste and recycling. This is a good time to review how we tackle the waste hierarchy.


New plans will influence the contracts that will be out for tender by 2020. The current PFI waste management contract ends in 2023.


The national context for recycling incentives is changing. The draft proposals for a new National Waste Strategy was announced in December although may not come into force until 2023. 


With the need to shift to a low-carbon economy to combat climate change, these forthcoming changes provide an opportunity to rebalance our priorities. Re-use can create jobs! Recycling provides feedstocks for new processes and new industries. Waste reduction can drive new lifestyle habits, such as ‘refills’.

Planning for the future beyond December's waste conference, Environment Kirklees is promoting a waste and resources network in Kirklees. We'd like to see a quarterly forum on strategic issues. To help kickstart the establishment of cross-sector communications, we have set up a Kirklees waste & resources network (KWRNET.org.uk) 

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