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River Corridor Clean Ups

Greenstreams is regularly leading volunteer clean ups of the River Colne. Much of this is organised in partnership with partners along the river from Milnsbridge to Colne Bridge. 


In 2018 we proposed an audit of the rivers to establish the main sources, types and locations of litter hot spots along the rivers. The litter needs to be categorised into different types - takeaway litter, waste from business premises, domestic properties, fly tipping - and sites mapped. We think it's necessary to develop a more strategic response to fly tipping, dumping and littering.  

“We will also promote the idea of community stewardship alongside this, for example where there are problems with general littering. In this instance, we will work with community groups for them to help address the problem" said Jeff Keenlyside, director.


In our plan for a full audit we said: “Although we will undertake litter clearance where needed, we see prevention as essential before any clean up. Many volunteers are fed up with clearing an area only for it to become heavily littered again.

From our experience with our business sponsorship scheme we have found that when an area is cleared of historic litter, the need for ongoing maintenance is much reduced.”

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