Go to Town - The Big Clean Up

Over 60 Huddersfield residents took the streets over the weekend of 10th - 12th May, for a clean up of the town centre and river corridor. 


“Go to Town – the big clean up” was organised by not-for-profit organisation Environment Kirklees and supported by Huddersfield Civic Society and Clare Hill Community Centre. 


Kim Warren, project coordinator said: ‘Kirklees Council does a lot of work to keep the town centre streets clean and volunteers regularly clean up the footpaths by the river and canal – but there are still areas that get missed. 


‘In Go to Town we are tackling the private land, car parks and green spaces that are often left out and contain a lot of litter. Today we have reduced the parts of the town centre and its gateway that let the side down.’ 


Volunteers, including councillors from Newsome and Greenhead wards, were issued with tools, litter picking equipment, and hi-vis vests. On Friday and Saturday, the north and south approaches to the town centre were targeted including footpaths on the River Colne corridor. On Sunday the work programme concentrated on the town centre. 


“Go to Town” was supported by Kirklees Council with funding from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.   

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